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CrossFit WOD @ GWPC 2-29-08: "Lynne"


High-rep pull-ups. Note tight kip.

Coach Rippetoe: Intro to the bench press part one.


Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.

Heavy Helen

WOD 2-27-08


Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
2 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps
30 Pull-ups



Three rounds for time of:
Run 400 Meters
1.5 pood Kettlebell swing, 21 reps
12 Pull-ups

WOD: "Randy"

For Time

75# Power Snatch X 75 men
55# Power Snatch X 75 women


30# DB Power Snatch X 150 men
25# DB Power Snatch X 150 women

Women's 400 Meter World Record: 46:6

CrossFit WOD @ Ironworks 2-10-08 Run 400 Meters x 4

We are going to have to change up today's workout a bit, as we are victims of our own success (22 people in yesterday's class). If you are familiar with this workout and have a stopwatch you can do it as follows:

Run 400 Meters
Rest exactly 3 minutes
Run 400 Meters
Rest exactly 3 minutes
Run 400 Meters
Rest exactly 3 minutes
Run 400 Meters


If not, you will do the following:

00:00 Run 400 Meters
05:00 Run 400 Meters
10:00 Run 400 meters
15:00 Run 400 Meters


Note: If you have a stopwatch, or a digital watch with a stopwatch function, please bring it!

If you cannot run, you will do 200 Meter Farmer's Walks


We will also work on some strongman skills.

A word about cherry-picking workouts: Don't do it! The more you think you don't want to or don't need to do the workout, the more likely it is EXACTLY what you should be doing more of! Also if you cannot, for example, run, please come anyway. I will always find a substitute for you. Even if you have a broken leg.

Filthy Fifty Best Times:

Men: None as RX

Women: Carolyn 42:27

WOD @ Ironworks 2-08-08: "Filthy Fifty"


CrossFit for Modern Dance

WOD for Saturday 2-08-08

"Filthy Fifty"

For time:
50 Jumping Squats
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 V-ups
50 Push press, 45 pounds
50 Supermans
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

Friday "BlackJack" best time:

Carolyn 22:20

WOD @ GWPC 2-07-08: "BLACKJACK"!



Workout: "BLACKJACK"!

Each Pair = 21

20 Push-Ups
1 Sit-Up
19 Push-Ups
2 Sit-Ups
18 Push-Ups
3 Sit-Ups
17 Push-Ups
4 Sit-Ups
16 Push-Ups
5 Sit-Ups
15 Push-Ups
6 Sit-Ups
14 Push-Ups
7 Sit-Ups
13 Push-Ups
8 Sit-Ups
12 Push-Ups
9 Sit-Ups
11 Push-Ups
10 Sit-Ups
10 Push-Ups
11 Sit-Ups
9 Push-Ups
12 Sit-Ups
8 Push-Ups
13 Sit-Ups
7 Push-Ups
14 Sit-Ups
6 Push-Ups
15 Sit-Ups
5 Push-Ups
16 Sit-Ups
4 Push-Ups
17 Sit-Ups
3 Push-Ups
18 Sit-Ups
2 Push-Ups
19 Sit-Ups
1 Push-Up
20 Sit-Ups

Thursday Deadlift best 5-5-5-5-5

Men: Dave 225#

Women: ?? 145#


Imad & Snooky

WOD @ GWPC 2-07-08

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

45# Thruster

Please Read:

A New, Rather Long Analysis of the Deadlift, by Mark Rippetoe - Nov 06 CFJ

The force that is transferred from the back to the bar doesn't just leap over to the arms through the air. It is transferred to the arms through the shoulder blades, and it just so happens that when the correct deadlift position is assumed, the shoulder blades--not the front of the deltoids--are in fact directly over the bar in a line perfectly plumb and vertical to the bar. Let's review the basic force-generation mechanics of the deadlift and see if this makes any sense.

The force that makes the bar go up is generated by the muscles that extend the knees and the hips, and this force is transferred up the rigid spine, across the scapulas to the arms and down to the bar. The weight leaves the floor when the quadriceps extend the knees, but for this to happen the hamstrings and glutes must anchor the hip angle in its position. The hamstrings pull down on the pelvis from below, and the glutes hold it from the top of the iliac crest; if the back stays flat this allows the force to travel up the rigid back held at a constant angle while the quads push the floor.


Deadlift Instruction by Mark Rippetoe at CF Headquarters

WOD @ Ironworks 2-06-08 "Man Overboard" Athlete's Choice

Each athlete will pick one exercise from the list below:

  1. Double-Under
  2. Kettlebell Swing 1 pood
  3. Feet anchored sit-ups
  4. Kettlebell thruster 2x8KG
  5. Push-Ups
  6. Tuck Jumps
  7. Burpees
  8. Wall-Ball 14#
  9. Air Squat
  10. Box Jump 18"
  11. SDHP 1 pood
  12. Kettlebell Deadlift 1.5 pood
  13. Kettlebell Clean 12KG
  14. Row (someone MUST pick this)

This will be two rounds.

Score is total number of reps. There is no score for the rowing.

The total rowing of all the athletes must total 5K. If there are 10 athletes, each row will be 250 meters (250x20=5000) and there If there are 2 athletes each row will be 1250 meters (1250x4=5000)


This is a Version of "Man Overboard" from CrossFit NYC Black Box.

The rower is the 'pace car'.

The time it takes to row is the time you have to do each movement.

Upon completion of the row, the rower yells out "Man Overboard" and the coach calls "Rotate" or "Switch", everyone then moves to the next station.

There is no rest in this workout: as soon as the Coach calls "Rotate" you may start the next exercise. Total score is total reps completed. The row does not count towards points. If you are trying for the highest score, you want to row as fast as possible to prevent others from being able to complete a lot of reps. However the trade-off in metabolic capacity of going full-bore must be considered as well.

Ev Box Jump

EV Box Jump

Excerpt From ABC News 'Good Calories, Bad Calories'

1. Dietary fat, whether saturated or not, is not a cause of obesity, heart disease, or any other chronic disease of civilization.

2. The problem is the carbohydrates in the diet, their effect on insulin secretion, and thus the hormonal regulation of homeostasis--the entire harmonic ensemble of the human body. The more easily digestible and refined the carbohydrates, the greater the effect on our health, weight, and well-being.

3. Sugars--sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup specifically--are particularly harmful, probably because the combination of fructose and glucose simultaneously elevates insulin levels while overloading the liver with carbohydrates.

4. Through their direct effect on insulin and blood sugar, refined carbohydrates, starches, and sugars are the dietary cause of coronary heart disease and diabetes. They are the most likely dietary causes of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and the other chronic diseases of civilization.

5. Obesity is a disorder of excess fat accumulation, not overeating, and not sedentary behavior.

6. Consuming excess calories does not cause us to grow fatter, any more than it causes a child to grow taller. Expending more energy than we consume does not lead to long-term weight loss; it leads to hunger.

7. Fattening and obesity are caused by an imbalance--a disequilibrium--in the hormonal regulation of adipose tissue and fat metabolism. Fat synthesis and storage exceed the mobilization of fat from the adipose tissue and its subsequent oxidation. We become leaner when the hormonal regulation of the fat tissue reverses this balance.
Related Stories

8. Insulin is the primary regulator of fat storage. When insulin levels are elevated--either chronically or after a meal--we accumulate fat in our fat tissue. When insulin levels fall, we release fat from our fat tissue and use it for fuel.

9. By stimulating insulin secretion, carbohydrates make us fat and ultimately cause obesity. The fewer carbohydrates we consume, the leaner we will be.

10. By driving fat accumulation, carbohydrates also increase hunger and decrease the amount of energy we expend in metabolism and physical activity.

2-05-08 Rest Day: COMMENTS FIXED!

| | Comments (5)

Here is video of Saturday's FIght Gone Bad at Ironworks. Nice work folks!

The comments section has been fixed, so all of you who said you could not comment, should be able to now. Let's get some conversation going here people!

New Club Records

"Grace" 1:57, 2nd
"Fran" 2:57, 2nd


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